The fundamental role of a manager is to delegate, and the best managers delegate effectively. The AIR model was developed by modelling managers in a variety of organisations, and as usual, comparing the perceptions and behaviours of the best with the average.

The CIPD conducted research into the evidence for the use of coaching as a learning intervention and returned some interesting results.

Download a sample modelling report which details the innate talents and behaviours of expert mediators and facilitators within a professional services and industry standards organisation.

These people manage to gain consensus over new industry standards between parties who have very opposing views, in an industry which is traditionally unionised and adversarial in nature.


Following a research project that investigated how decision makers choose high potentials and future leaders, here are some simple recommendations that will help you to advance your career.

Recent research shows why we need to take breaks or change the pace regularly when learning.

Download a sample modelling report which details the innate talents and behaviours of high performing store managers in a national food and convenience retailer.


You can listen to recordings of real modelling interviews, used to build the kinds of modelling reports that you can see examples of on the Research page.

ILM set out to investigate the extent to which organisations are embracing the development practice of coaching. The survey of learning and development managers, decision makers at 250 large organisations, revealed a number of important findings.

Modelling is the process of identifying, extracting, coding and replicating the innate perceptions, thought processes, beliefs and behaviour of high performers.

Here's a research project which investigates the unpredictable nature of today’s talent management programs, and provides recommendations for increasing program effectiveness and return on investment.