When you're looking for an insightful, engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining speaker for your next corporate event, you'll find Peter Freeth has the experience and impact you need.

The business world is complex, and your best people have skills to match. A variety of short training workshops will develop world-class presentation skills, communication skills, self-management skils, coaching skills, commercial skills and more.

Whether you believe that leaders are born or bred, there can be no doubt that the complexities of navigating corporate life don't come naturally. Efficiently run teams with engaged staff, supportive managers and effective use of resources are the foundation of any business. A range of development programs therefore suits the need of small and large businesses at any stage of evolution.

The world's best sales people are highly organised, disciplined, efficient and focused. These skills don't grow on trees, and your competitors are not the place to look for new recruits. Growing your own professional sales teams protects your organisational culture, strengthens your business model and focuses your brand marketing. A range of sales development programs, for both product and service businesses, develops your sales pipeline and ensures stability for your business growth.

Business continuity depends on a leadership pipeline. All too often, succession planning comes as a surprise when a senior manager leaves the business, and selection is based on 'right time', 'right place' or worse, 'right face'. A reactive approach to talent management presents a significant risk to the business and tailored talent programs present a dependable solution.

A coaching package simply wraps a number of coaching sessions and other valuable services into a single package, giving you a simple solution to transformational step change.