You can listen to recordings of real modelling interviews, used to build the kinds of modelling reports that you can see examples of on the Research page.

Retail manager 1:
(Or download the mp3 file)
Retail manager 2:
(Or download the mp3 file)

When you listen, pay attention to the rules and criteria that you hear from the two managers.

One of them talks about a long term goal, to run his own business. How do you think that shapes his actions as a store manager?

What do you learn about the skill of managing people in a retail environment?

Here are photos of the storage rooms in three of this retailer's stores. These are areas that customers never see, only staff are allowed to enter. What do these photos tell you about the manager of each of these stores?

3rooms s

Here are three manager's offices. What do these photos tell you about the managers, how they see their roles, and their relationship with their staff?

manager1 manager2 manager3

The interview audio files are stored on the pcloud site, you can either download them or you can listen online. You may find that to play the files, you need to press the pause button: