"In 2008 I began my professional NLP training and although now an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer I'm super excited to be attending an NLP practitioner training facilitated by Peter Freeth who is an amazing trainer and coach."

Tony Moorcroft

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Creating amazing learning cultures since 2002

Genius, from Latin, ‘attendant spirit present from one's birth, innate ability or inclination’

The Genius that will drive your business forwards is not 'out there'. It is already within, waiting to be discovered.

In every team in your business, you have one or two people who outperform everyone else put together. What makes them special? Can they be cloned? Can you recruit more people like that?

The answer is yes, yet few businesses are able to do this, because the process is not obvious. If you simply copy your high performers, you create unthinking, inflexible clones. We have to understand how your high performers think, how they perceive, how they make decisions, and how they uniquely align with what you value in your organisation. This is the work of Genius.

Sustainable high performance in your business is not to be found in a handful of 'super stars', it is found in the unique alignment between your culture (rules) and your people (behaviours). When people naturally do more of what you value, the result is a high performing culture. 

Peter Freeth is the expert behind Genius; a consultancy which unleashes your talent. With more than 15 years innovating in the field of learning, and a career of over 30 years in total, he is known for his powerfully creative take on personal and business success and his ability to challenge established routines and rituals, driving change that is both surprising and long lasting. Peter is known globally as an author and expert in business coaching, executive coaching, talent management, leadership development and culture change.

Peter's unique methodology is based on a number of areas of neuroscience and psychology research, and is proven through results. Every program is uniquely developed around your organisational culture and measures of high performance to create custom content for leadership development, custom coaching methodologies and custom talent management programs, leading to powerful, sustainable, measurable results.

Proven expertise

Peter is an author of more than 15 books to date, a recognised conference presenter and a highly experienced, challenging and tactful supporter of the changes that you have been wanting to make.

With experience of all market sectors across the world, Peter has worked with leadership teams in some of the most recognised businesses, solving real problems and making a measurable impact on performance, including doubling of sales conversion rates, a 25% reduction in graduate development time and a 700% increase in profitability.

Peter is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, a Fellow of the RSA, a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, a Fellow of the Institute for Learning and Organisational Training and a Certified Practitioner of the Association for Business Psychology. He is a founder member of the IBNLP, IHNLP and INCA.

Global and national corporate clients

Corporate programs include executive coaching, talent management, management and leadership development. Public programs range from short masterclasses to licensed programs at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer levels in the UK, US, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Peter works with global and national corporates and smaller organisations, developing leadership training, management training, public speaking and presentation training, coaching and mentoring programs, talent management programs and more.

A vital part of all of Peter's work is his unique approach to 'modelling' high performing cultures, getting inside the minds of the top performers in a business, decoding their life experience and expertise and transferring that innate knowledge to others. This approach creates programs which are inherently aligned with your organisational culture and which deliver outstanding results, right from day one.

Private and individual clients

Peter also works with private and individual clients, supporting step change in capability and career direction. Coaching packages are designed to accelerate transformational change through high commitment and measurable results.

Real results

When you're ready for a genuinely fresh and unique perspective, when you want change to be easier and when you are prepared to embrace real, measurable results, get in touch now.

CIPD People Management Awards 2019 finalist Why do talent programs fail? Michael Kelly outstanding student award - advanced level categoryCIPD Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development MemberSociety of NLP Master TrainerFellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational LearningFellow of the LPI Learning & Performance InstitutePractitioner Member of the Association for Business PsychologyIBNLP International Business NLP Organisation founding memberinca v1 500w

"Peter's support was vital in; Helping me recruit 25 new team members and bringing almost all of them to quota, In selling £300,000,000 in two years, landing milestone deals in a new market and new technology area, and in giving our executive confidence in our growth that generated their investment of time and resources."

Guy Wood, Director, Sales Development, CGI

Peter's published expertise is in modelling high performers, extracting the hidden, innate perceptions and behaviours which drive consistently outstanding results and give a unique and realistic insight into the culture of an organisation.

"Peter Freeth has the rare talent. His training approach engages your brain at a level deeper than mere understanding, he helps you to learn how to teach yourself, to question and challenge your beliefs and perceptions rather than just regurgitating a bunch of information and techniques."

 John Lesley, Lead Customer Experience Specialist, Just Group

Corporate programs range from short management and sales workshops to long term performance coaching and step change programs spanning a year of activity across multiple continents.

"He is one of the best trainers I have seen and worked with. He has the ability to bring out the best in people through putting them at ease. I will strongly recommend Peter for Executive Coaching and Leadership Programs."

Nitin Thakur, Head of Talent Management - Asia Pacific, Rockwell Automation