Here are a few resources that you might find interesting. Some are about NLP, some are more general, all are worth a look.

Here you'll find some links to NLP discussion groups, interesting NLP YouTube videos and books, NLP PDF downloads, and if you're in some parts of the world, PNL videos and PNL PDF downloads!

Discussion Groups  
Facebook NLP Practice Q&A
Facebook NLP Meta Model Q&A
Frans de Waal talks about his research into empathy and an innate sense of fairness in animals.
My YouTube channel with conference talks, presentations, online training, testimonials and so on.
The Ames Window - an amazing optical illusion that you can make yourself.
Lisa Feldman Barrett explains why what you've been told about emotions is wrong.
Online Training  
NLP Practitioner Foundation
Decoding Language for Coaches
NLP for Coaches - Peter Freeth at the Kingston Coaching group, 3rd October 2019
Listening with Richard Mullender, from BBC Radio 4 Listening  
A parole hearing, from BBC Radio 4 Parole hearing extract  
The full radio program about the parole system, from BBC Radio 4 Parole full program  
Snowflakes - Hesitation, Deviation and Repetition, from BBC Radio 4 Snowflakes response  
An introduction to NLP's language models, the Milton Model and the Meta Model NLP Language Models
Research Papers  
The Neuroscience of Gapped Learning
Mirror Neurons and the Simulation Theory of Mind Reading, Gallese and Goldman, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Dec 1998.
Recalling Routes around London: Activation of the Right Hippocampus in Taxi Drivers, Maguire, Frackowiak & Frith, The Journal of Neuroscience, Sept 1997.
Differential Consolidation and Pattern Reverberations within Episodic Cell Assemblies in the Mouse Hippocampus, Oşan, Chen, Feng & Tsien, PLOS, Feb 2011.
A picture is worth a thousand lies: Using false photographs to create false childhood memories, Wade, Garry, Read, Lindsay, 2002,Garry,Read,&Lindsay2002.pdf

The Eyes Don’t have it: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Wiseman and Watt, 2012.

The evidence for NLP (ICPR Spring 2019) Lisa de Rijk, Lucas A.C. Derks, Bruce Grimley & Jaap Hollander

The need for neuro-linguistic programming to develop greater construct validity (ICPR Spring 2019) Bruce Grimley

Neuro-linguistic programming: A review of NLP research and the application of NLP in coaching (ICPR Spring 2019)​ Jonathan Passmore & Tatiana Rowson
Wikipedia; The Neuroscience of Free Will

My first book, NLP - Skills for Learning, has been republished as a free ebook, get a copy here:

Structure of Magic, vols 1 & 2

Bandler & Grinder

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H Erickson MD, vols 1 & 2

Bandler & Grinder

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H Erickson MD, vols 1 & 2

Bandler & Grinder

The Brain that Changes Itself

Normal Doidge

Growing Up With Lucy

Steve Grand

How Emotions are Made

Lisa Feldman Barrett