Here are some practice exercises for you if you're working on your linguistic analysis skills. You'll find some useful articles in the 'About NLP' section of this website which you might find helpful.


Firstly, you might like to join the Facebook Meta Model Q&A group to discuss analysis with other like minded people.

Secondly, here's a link to a BBC Radio 4 documentary about the parole system. See what you think about the parole interview. Should Gerald be released?

Here's an audio copy of the whole program, in case you have any problems with BBC iplayer, and here's an extract of just the parole interview which is just under 8 minutes long.

In case you can't get the Richard Mullender interview in the BBC iplayer (Saturday live) then here's a recording of it.

Finally, here are a few interesting 'real life' statements which you might like to look at. Check out the deletions, distortions and generalisations and see what you discover:


My parents maybe don’t appreciate the job that I do.

You make me more confident

(Regarding career progression, what he thinks other people will say/think if he leaves) You can’t do this... You haven’t done, finished... You’re leaving us in the lurch.

I’m not good enough.

I want to get sharper with my ability to communicate more effectively.

(If there is one thing that, if you could achieve it during the course, would make the biggest difference in your life, what would that be?) An end to my seemingly endless procrastination

What is the best way to influence people with negative mind set?

(On feedback that she doesn’t contribute in meetings) I communicate when I feel like communicating. If I need information I will ask for it.