The RSA has published a report following the Taylor review of modern working practices. At the CIPD Midlands HR Leaders Conference, Peter Freeth presented a session on the RSA Future Work project which evolved from the Taylor report.

Help Your Clients Achieve More with Less !

With ‘The Unsticker’ and other Creative Problem-Solving Tools

This event is taking place in partnership with the EELGA in Bury St Edmunds

See video, presentation slides and other resources from the Chartered Insurance Institutes's 2018 CPD roadshow where I presented on 'Easily dealing with conflict and stress'.

CIPD Midlands Student Conference 2020

Enjoy Getting Your Clients Unstuck With The Unsticker - 5th February 2019

One fact of coaching is that in order for our clients to achieve change, they have to overcome whatever has prevented change in the past, and that often means solving problems. When the client can’t come up with any more options, the result can be a ‘stuck’ client – and a ‘stuck’ coach.

See video, presentation slides and other resources from the Chartered Insurance Institutes's 2020 CPD roadshow where, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I presented via an online video on the subject of 'Mental Health in the Workplace: Should I be Worried?'.

The most important part of any journey is the first step. This workshop will take your life and your business far beyond your horizon, far beyond your current limits. You will explore beyond what is possible, and plan for what is impossible.

I ran a one day advanced coaching masterclass in Birmingham, exploring the idea that an 'advanced' coach doesn't use more complicated techniques, they simply focus on the basics, and deliver the basics consistently well.

The most basic concept in coaching is perhaps the idea that, for a client to want something, they implicitly don't have it, or at least they think they don't.

When they associate you with helping them to get that, you become a coach.

When they associate value with that process, and pay you for it, you become a professional coach.

Here's the video of the morning session of the masterclass.

I spoke at the CIPD Coventry & Warwickshire branch on 18th April 2018, here are some useful resources and links from that event.

The Great British Coach Off 6th June 2020

The Great British Covid-19-Off is postponed until you can all come round for tea and scones.

Do you want to challenge yourself and push your coaching skills to levels you could only imagine?

Do you find co-coaching groups a little too... Gentle? Friendly? Nice?

Do you believe that you can only get better by working with people who are better, people who challenge you, people who can give you the direct feedback that you need?

Or would you prefer to carry on being an average coach?

Join me on Saturday 6th June 2020 for a very special event - The Great British Coach Off. It's not a competition to be the last coach standing, but if it were, wouldn't you want to be the winner?