11th January 2020
Birmingham, UK
Masterclass - 2020 Vision

The most important part of any journey is the first step. This workshop will take your life and your business far beyond your horizon, far beyond your current limits. You will explore beyond what is possible, and plan for what is impossible.

200111 2020

The biggest problem with the future is that you can't predict it.

The most valuable thing about the future is that you can't predict it.

What has got you this far in your life is precisely what is holding you back. In order to move forwards, you must let go of how you have defined yourself until now. That's easier said than done.

In this fully interactive day for business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, focused entirely on you and your goals and dreams, you will work through a series of challenging activities which encourage you to let go of the doubt, fear and disbelief that have held you back. You won't push your boundaries - you will erase them.

If you want a detailed agenda of the day then this workshop is not for you. You are stepping off the edge of the page. There are no agendas for what you can achieve in life.

This is not a goal setting workshop. Goals have not served you. Goals are a waste of time. They are not something to aim for, they are simply a measure of progress. Everything important that you have achieved in your life has been beyond goals.

When you join this workshop, you will leave behind your best laid plans. You will leave taking the first step that will lead you far over your horizon, into uncharted territory, into the great beyond.

The risk is that there are no maps for where you're going. There are no footsteps to follow, no signposts to keep you safe. The future is yours to make.

What you'll find there might surprise you more than you think.

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