On March 13th 2018 I'll be speaking at the Richmond NLP Group on the subject of...

How to use NLP at work so that people don't think you're strange

I'm sure you loved your NLP Practitioner training, and enjoyed some great personal results, transformations, breakthroughs and so on. You might have even thought about all the people you were going to 'help' with your new-found powers once you got home.

When you got home from the training, perhaps you tried out a few techniques with your friends and family, who regarded you with some curiosity or even scepticism. Perhaps you then tried a few techniques with your colleagues at work, who regarded you with outright horror as you waved your hands in their faces or asked them to sit inside the ghostly apparition of their arch enemy in order to "experience their feelings". More likely, perhaps you didn't try out any techniques at work, for fear of that kind of reaction.

Fear not! What if I told you that you can use all of your wonderful NLP skills, any time, any place, anywhere? I know, any place and anywhere are probably the same thing, but if it was good enough for Martini, it's good enough for the amazing Richmond NLP Group. What if I told you that you could use the craziest techniques in subtle, non-threatening ways to resolve conflict, help your colleagues out of stuck states, prepare more effectively for meetings and presentations, and much, much more, simply by understanding the structure beneath the techniques? What if I told you that you could actually get your money's worth out of your NLP training?

You might not believe me. Yet you might be curious to come along to the Richmond NLP Group on March 13th 2018 and find out.

Doors open @ 6.30 for 7pm start, finish at 9pm