One of the riskiest times in a person's career is when they step into a new role that has a significantly different level of responsibility, expectation or visibility, because adapting to a new role and working environment takes time, whereas there's often an expectation that you will "hit the ground running", because of course, that's why they hired you.

Here's an example in the words of one client, a Director of Sales Development in a well known Global IT Services company...

 "I became General Manager of a Business Development function in a new “intra-penuerial” division. New Markets, solutions and team members were all needed. I was looking for support to improve my ability to generate results from and with all these new people, not forgetting my peers in the leadership team and our executives.

Working with Peter gave me techniques which, in many ways used my innate senses, wisdom and abilities to really enhance how I took action. I was able to pace my interactions to those of the  individuals and teams I interacted with. Too often our focus on content success, failure and answers confuses our chance to see the other person. Once I was tuned into a client or a team member I could lead with them to the places I needed to us to find together. This really helped developing new business opportunities and it also gave me the tools to be clear and straight forward without complication or conflict. A key strength I gained, through understanding why I was doing this, was the self-belief to stand up and communicate with vision and really lead teams and interactions. Knowing why helps to unearth the natural passion for the challenge and the satisfaction of achieving.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, managing and leading never is and the tough issues, exiting poor performers, tricky client situations, tough executive reviews, tense management relationships were all enhanced through my work with Peter.

Peter's support was vital in;

  • Helping me recruit 25 new team members and bringing almost all of them to quota.
  • In selling £1/3bn in two years, landing milestone deals in a new market and new technology area,
  • and in giving our executive confidence in our growth that generated their investment of time and resources."

Step change can be accelerated with the support of a challenging coach, which in turn leads to faster results and an increased Return On Investment.