BACP Management Development Program overview


This management development program has been developed specially for BACP by studying our organisation, our market, our members, our stakeholders and most importantly our people and culture.

The program provider, Genius, has nearly 20 years of experience in developing bespoke programs for national and global organisations in various market sectors, and their specialist expertise is in designing programs based on the innate attitudes and skills of high performers. Their lead consultant and trainer, Peter Freeth, has written a number of books on this subject, and his work is used by organisations such as Rockwell, The Chartered Insurance Institute, Just Eat, The Co-operative, Rail Safety & Standards Board, Babcock, Logica, Parker Hannifin, Canon, Saga Insurance and Domestic & General.

In our case, the program is a combination of the operational and management skills that we need our managers to have for today and the evolving, flexible leadership skills that we need them to have for tomorrow.


The program comprises 6 ‘classroom’ modules, held from April to October 2019. There will be a break over the summer, and a day of final project presentations in December.

In between these modules, the following will also take place to make sure our managers fully embrace the program and apply their new skills to deliver measurable improvements:


• Devi Cattell has been closely involved in the development of this program and will support managers through it.
• Peter Freeth, who has designed and is delivering this program, will be available to answer any questions from managers.


After each module, program participants will need to complete a written assignment. This helps them to focus on what they can practically apply within their teams, and provides feedback and evidence to support their learning. These assignments will be graded so that participants can receive detailed feedback on their progress, and we can ensure we are maximising every opportunity to apply new skills and improved management practices into the organisation.

Each module has an assignment to be completed two weeks before the next module so that there is enough time to review and assess your learning and give you individual feedback.

Each assignment should be around 600 words, which, on the template, is about 1½ to 2 pages long, depending on how you space things out. Microsoft Word will show you how many words are in your assignment, so you don’t have to count them yourself! If you want to include any diagrams or photos, you can either put them into the Word document or email them separately.

Make sure you read the assignment instructions both before you start and after you’ve finished, as each assignment has a number of points that you’ll need to cover.

Each assignment carries a maximum of 100 points, made up of a maximum of 25 points in each of these four areas:

1. How well you show that you understand the topics covered in the module
2. How you show independent thinking, coming up with new ideas or reaching your own conclusions
3. Your application of learning within the business and measurement of results
4. Your understanding of how changes within your team impact on the culture of the business, and your ideas for ensuring that those improvements aren’t lost over time due to outside pressures

Your points will be added up at the end of the program and you’ll receive a grade with your certificate which reflects the work that you have put into both the program and your own development.


Six Action Learning Projects will be assigned to sub teams. These teams will need to meet independently and work on their projects, which will be genuine challenges facing the organisation which no-one has yet solved.


Overall, the program will develop a set of fundamental management skills in today's and tomorrow's managers which are aligned with BACP's culture and strategy and which provide a foundation for both organisational high performance and individual success.