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Genius at Work

21 January 2021

  • Genius at Work - Natalia talks about resilience, staying positive and conquering the Pacific
    19 November 2020

    Today is 17th November, 2020, 239 days since the UK lockdown began. Imagine, being isolated, stuck in the house with the same three people for 239 days.  Now imagine that isolation and monotony lasting for 257 days. And then imagine being in a boat, a 29 foot long boat. With three other people. Rowing day after day after day, from San Franciso to Cairns.  How would you keep your spirits high? How would you keep going? How would you overcome conflict and work in such a team?  Natalia Cohen was one of the crew who achieved exactly this in 2016, and she now speaks to audiences all over the world about her adventures and the lessons that she learned.  Discover how you can use the valuable lessons that Natalia learned in this Genius at Work video podcast - just don't ask her what's next!  You can find more about my work at and on the Research page you can find examples of modelling projects for corporate clients.