The Unsticker is a tool for personal or group problem solving. You can use it by yourself, with your friends and family or in a group problem solving session at work.

There are 200 questions (303 in the book) which are displayed randomly. Unless your problem is that you can't work your computer, your problem is outside of your current environment, therefore you are carrying around a representation or model of it. Solving the problem does not mean changing the situation, it means changing your model of the situation. What then happens is that, in the reality of the situation, you behave differently because you feel and think differently.

Most people report that after just 4 or 5 questions, either their perspective of the problem has changed dramatically, or the problem seems to be 'solved' altogether.

If you're using Android, you get a super duper free app at the Google Play Store.

 If you're using iOS, the only way that I can currently give you a free chunk of Unsticking is with this link to the mobile version. Just save the page to your iThing and The Unsticker will run all by itself.

But wait... if there's a free version on The Unsticker website, why would I want the Android version?

Because you can then carry it around with you wherever you go, Internet connection or not. You can roam from village to village, solving problems like Grasshopper or the A Team. Or maybe like the gang in Scooby Doo. You will be loved and revered by all around you, perhaps even envied. And afterwards you may be treated to a slap-up meal.

And it's free, so why wouldn't you?